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Beech Hill Pond is a lovely spring fed lake near Route 180 in Hancock County, ME.  At this point, it is a clean, clear, high quality and attractive lake.  We long to keep it that way for generations. 

Beech Hill Pond is 1,351 acres and 4 1/2 miles long. Its deepest point is 121 feet (new deep hole discovered).

Throughout this web site, we may refer to "our lake". Who is "our" and "we"? Technically speaking, the lake is owned and regulated by State and Federal interests. Thus, everybody owns the lake; water quality is everyone's concern and will directly and indirectly affect all.

However, some of us from all over the world hold special affection for Beech Hill Pond. Family memories, fish stories, stunning photos, camp fire tales, loon songs, and sunsets are just a few of the treasures that are so endearing. This lake has charmed its admirers for generations. A special affection and bonding arises in the hearts of some.

So "we" and "our", in this web site takes on two meanings: (1) all citizens, and (2) all admirers. For the most part, however, this site speaks for the "admirers" of Beech Hill Pond and those who love the lake and dream that it's pristine quality will never be compromised.

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Togue landing

2015 BHPLA Annual Meeting

July 2, 2015, 5PM    Otis Town Office 

Guest Speaker: Greg Burr, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Regional Biologist:
The Fish of Beech Hill Pond and Current Fish Stocking.

We will provide updates on:

· Water quality assessments
· Fishery information
· Dam Status and Planning
· Resources for property owners to assure their property does not contribute to lake water quality degradation

We also need to vote on minor revisions to the BHPLA by-laws.

All are welcome – Please come
learn what the Lake Association is doing and join us in helping to keep our lake clean!

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2015 July 4th Activities


Subject to change - Stay tuned for activities on the 4th

·          At the hanger adjacent to public launch

·          Morning breakfast

·         Annual 5k and 1 mile kids fun run 

(in memory of Jason Sargent - all proceeds going to the MaineACE camp in his name)

·          Possible afternoon boat parade 

·          Evening fireworks on the lake